New year, new things & the beginning of a blog

The New Year has begun, and with it I feel it is the perfect time to begin something which I have been meaning to do for a while; start a blog. I read lots of articles surrounding design, interiors, fashion and textiles, visit exhibitions and generally try to absorb myself in the creative industry and culture as much as I can. So I thought, why not write about it, and share all of this with all of you.

I can’t say I’m much of a writer, but I thought that this might be a fun, informative and hopefully interesting addition to my website. A tool through which I can give you a little insight into my inspirations & creations, colours and materials. To perhaps provide suggestions of things to read, things to think about and ideas of where to go and what to do to add a little bit of creativity to your life. To hopefully be a source of inspiration, information and maybe even relaxation for you.

I hope you enjoy.

Olivia x

Olivia Holland